• Solvent dyes with high fastness properties of light, rubbing and solvent migration fastness.

  • Recommended for coatings, roto gravure printing inks, wood stains, master batches, glass colouring etc.

Sr. No.ProductC.I. Name
1Fabripon Yellow RSolvent Yellow 82
2Fabripon Yellow RLSolvent Yellow 90
3Fabripon Orange RGSolvent Orange 99
4Fabripon Fire Red GLSSolvent Red 89
5Fabripon Fire Red GSolvent Red 119
6Fabripon Red BSolvent Red 122
7Fabripon Pink 5BLGSolvent Red 127
8Fabripon Fire Red BLSolvent Red 160
9Fabripon Brown 2RLSolvent Brown 43
10Fabripon Blue GNSolvent Blue 67
11Fabripon Black RESolvent Black 27
12Fabripon Black RLSolvent Black 29
13Fabripon Black RLSNSolvent Black 45